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Venue info:                        Contact:                 
902 Johnston St.                                                                      
Lafayette, La. 70501   
  • Bands are expected to assist in promotion. Future bookings will depend on band’s ability to draw.
  • Send show info and other promotional materials to the press
  • Create an event and promote on social media
  • Prepare and distribute posters and handbills. You can mail posters to the above address and we will post them here and around town.
  • Do not book a gig at a similar local venue the week before or the week after the gig. This substantially reduces our ability to draw.

  • Cover is negotiable, but we can not charge a high cover unless you are a proven draw. Door charge is typically $10.
  • The bands receives 80% of the door after paying sound man
  • We usually defer to the headliner for arranging the split between bands.
  • What we provide:
          -assistance in booking
          -in house, local and internet promotion
         -door person (with lock box and wristbands)
         -30% off food and drink for band members

  • Open 4 PM - 2 AM Mon- Thurs 5pm- 2AM Fri -Sat  and 4pm -10 Sundays.
  • Load in - 9:00 PM (except for early shows)
  • Sound check - 9:30 PM (except for early shows)
  • Depending on the show we may choose an earlier or later time for soundcheck and load-in. We will let you know if this is the case.

Sound Equipment/Support:
-QSC K12 mains
-DBX Drive Rack PRO Plus
-Midas VeniceF24 24Ch 4 buss
-6 independent monitor mixes

-(2) dbx 266xs Compressors
-1 Lexicon mx300 time based effects processor
-1 Blue enCore 300 condenser mic
-1 Shure Beta 58
-3 Sennheiser e835
-1 Shure ksm 137
-1 Electro Voice RE20
-1 Shure Beta 52
-1 Shure SM 58
-3 Shure SN 57s
-3 Audix OM3
-2 small diaphragm condenser mics for drum overheads
-1 L.R. Baggs para acoustic D.I.
-1 BSS active direct box
-2 Whirlwind passive direct boxes
-2 channel  gate/compressor
-Enough cables and boom stands to suit any situation

Bands are asked to be responsive to requests from the establishment. Should the manager on duty or sound man have to repeatedly talk to the band about an issue, the band will be asked to stop playing, forfeit their pay and will not be booked in the future.

Please contact us in advance for any special or extensive equipment set up needs.

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