Artmosphere Bistro - Company Message

2-Janky Karaoke
3-Songwriters Night
4- 7PM EARLY SHOW - Brooke & Dawn
10PM Cajun Jam
5- Chas Justus
6- Bonsoir Catin
7- Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Sarah Cowart
8-Service Industry Night/ Janky Karaoke
9-Janky Karaoke
10- Songwriters Night
11- 7 PM EARLY SHOW - Forest Huval
10PM - Gerard Delafose and The Zydeco Gators
12- Lil Buck Sinegal
13- Aden Paul/ Julian Primeaux
14-Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Steve Judice
15-Service Industry Night/ Janky Karaoke
16-Janky Karaoke
17-Songwriters Night
18- Josh Baca Benefit
19-Neon Mountain/ Social Circle/ Strange Theories
20-JanLa Bande Chaudiere Noire/ Seth Spell and Cajun Strong
21-Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Myles Migl
22- Service Industry Night/ Janky Karaoke
23-Janky Karaoke
24- Songwriters Night
25- 7PM EARLY SHOW - The Nouveau String Band
10PM - 99 Playboys
26- Mangata EP Release/ Camps/ Static Masks Presented by Sickbay
27-Maintenance/Midriff/ Dwight James & The Royals
28- Save The Basin Fundraiser Brunch
29- Service Industry Night/ Janky Karaoke
30-Janky Karaoke
31-Songwriters Night