Artmosphere Bistro - Company Message

MARCH 2017

2-Mar Catch Up Karaoke
3-Mar The Good Dudes/ Brass Mimosa/ Dustin Gaspard & The Freetown Sound
4-Mar Michel Joseph Band/ Honey on The Rails
5-Mar Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/Jim Pharis
          6pm Roots Jam
6-Mar Service Industry Night
7-Mar Janky Karaoke
8-Mar Songwriters Night
9-Mar Ted Hefko & The Thousandaires/ The Good Dudes FACEBOOK EVENT
10-Mar Adam Torres/ Carbon Poppies/ Julie Odell FACEBOOK EVENT
11-Mar Terry & The Zydeco Bad Boys FACEBOOK EVENT
12-Mar Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Honky Tonk Trio FACEBOOK EVENT
            6pm Roots Jam
13-Mar Rad Wagon/ Scenic World/ Grubby Little Hands FACEBOOK EVENT
14-Mar Janky Karaoke
15-Mar Songwriters Night
16-Mar Shrugs/ Sannah Handoz/ Misery Loves Co. FACEBOOK EVENT
17-Mar Grand Nathaniel &The Ghosts/Toonces/Imaginary Tricks FACEBOOK EVENT
18-Mar 99 Playboys
19-Mar Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Steve Judice FACEBOOK EVENT
            6pm Roots Jam
20-Mar Service Industry Night
21-Mar Janky Karaoke
22-Mar Songwriters Night
23-Mar Michel Joseph Band
24-Mar Letrainiump/ Maintenance/ Shake Backs
25-Mar Cat Head Biscuit Boys
26-Mar Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/Dustin Gaspard FACEBOOK EVENT
            6pm Roots Jam
27-Mar Service Industry Night
28-Mar Janky Karaoke
29-Mar Songwriters Night
30-Mar Free Hot Breakfast
31-Mar Sabra & The Get Rights