Artmosphere Bistro - Company Message

1-Oct Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Steve Judice
6PM Roots Jam
2-OctJanky Karaoke/ Service Industry Night
3-Oct Janky Karaoke
4-Oct Songwriters Night
5-Oct 7PM EARLY SHOW: Has Beans
10PM Cajun Jam
6-Oct Feufollet with Christiaan Mader + Cedric Watson
7-Oct Sickbay Presents: Skies Speak / $PAWN$ /13 Dreams
8-Oct 11AM: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Mitch Andrews
7PM Sickbay Presents: Bob Log III/ Sarcotics/ Conrads
9-OctJanky Karaoke/ Service Industry Night
10-Oct Janky Karaoke
11-Oct Songwriters Night
12-Oct T'Monde/ Sabra & The Get Rights
13-Oct Les Ferrailles/ Forest Huval
14-Oct 6-9PM ArtWalk
10PM The Revelers/ Pine Leaf Boys
15-Oct 11AM: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ Derrick Savoie
7PM: Terry & The Zydeco Bad Boys
16-OctJanky Karaoke/ Service Industry Night
17-Oct Janky Karaoke
18-Oct Songwriters Night
19-Oct 7PM EARLY SHOW: Marty Christian
10PM Cajun Jam
20-Oct Scenic World/ Brian Langlinais
21-Oct Michael Juan Nunez
22-Oct 11AM: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/Dustin Gaspard
6PM: Roots Jam
23-OctJanky Karaoke/ Service Industry Night
24-Oct Janky Karaoke
25-Oct Songwriters Night
26-Oct 7PM EARLY SHOW: Nouveau String Band
10PM: Pine Leaf Boys
27-Oct Dwight J. Roy
28-Oct Delune Deluge/ Carolina Chauffe/Casey Golden
29-Oct 11AM: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch w/ ESA Band
6PM: Roots Jam
30-OctJanky Karaoke/ Service Industry Night
31-Oct Janky Karaoke